“Ms. Irene is very good at motivating my daughter during the learning process. She has helped my daughter pick up her interested again! Thanks for being patience with Colleen!”

            - Colleen Chen's father.

"My daughter loves to see Ms. Irene every week for her piano lessons. She started her piano lesson at the age of 4, and now she can recognize lots of notes! As parents, we really enjoy to see her improvements each week under Ms. Irene teaching."

- Katie's mother

"Ms. Irene has different approach for each of her student. She is good at finding each of her student’s strength and weakness and works with them little by little."

-Leon's mother

“Ms. Irene organized her music recital really well. So we all get a chance to perform once in a while. We went on classical music orchestra together to learn how to appreciate music. Overall, learning piano from Ms. Irene is an amazing experience!”

-Katie W

"Thank you to Teacher Ms. Irene she was wonderful! We looking forward to having her class every week."

-Adelina's mother.

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