I am Anna Kostiuchenko. I graduated from the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music in 2016 (Master’s diploma with honors). Program Subject Area Musical art and study program. 


Prior to Irene's Music Studio, Ms. Anna worked in one of the best music schools in Kiev for 5 years. She has taught the right technique such as hands posture, scales, and etudes. For each child an individual approach. I have experience preparing children for competitions. 


Luffy was introduced to guzheng at the age of 12 and began her tutorship of guzheng with Prof. Zhai Yuan from Xi'an Conservatory of Music and Prof. Tang Xin from Wuhan Conservatory of Music.


In 2010, she graduated and received her Professional Guzheng Teaching and Performing Degree from Guangdong Teachers’ College of Language and Art with an outstanding score.


In January 2010, she started her music career by teaching guzheng in Guangdong, China.


In 2014, she immigrated to the United States and joined the Sound of China Guzheng Ensemble. With her great teaching experience and talented skills in guzheng music, she receives numerous invitations from public and private parties to perform guzheng throughout the year. In September 2016, she received the Certificate of Recognition from California Senator, Tony Mendoza, for her contributions to the traditional Asian music culture in Southern California.


In 2017 and 2018, she was invited by Dunhuang, Shanghai (world’s largest Chinese musical instrument manufacturer) to be the only guest performer at the NAMM SHOW (one of the world's largest musical instruments exhibition). In July 2017, she was the editor as well as one of the players for the album “Melodies and Zheng”, recorded and released by Sound of China Guzheng Ensemble.

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Location(地点): Irvine, CA (加州爾灣)            Email (邮箱): musicatirvine@gmail.com          Contact(联络方式):(949) 346-4707                             

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